TOBi On “Elements Vol 1”, #EndSARS, Creating A World Through His Music

Nigerian-Canadian artist TOBi has been making waves in 2020 with the release of the deluxe version of his debut album “Still +”, and his latest outing “Elements Vol 1” which featured records such as “Dollars and Cents” & “Shine”. With his debut artist, TOBi tackled the early moments in his life when he moved from Nigeria to Canada and how he had to switch the environment he grew up in.

“A big part of the project is even in the title, to be still, the first part of it is to be present and sit whatever you going through and move it and that’s what still means to me. And the other part of it is persistence it's still ongoing it's still happening. This year a lot of stuff has happened and a big part of it is staying present and mindful of it all and telling yourself you're going to keep going”

Part of what makes TOBi’s music so unique is that the artist has collaborated with producers from all over the world for his latest project “Elements” and in his words, he’s trying to create a world with his music.

“As an artist in 2020, the internet is your friend and connecting with artists and producers on Instagram or Twitter whatever the case may be. I reached out to people and told them to send me beats. I’m creating a world, Im creating the TOBi.World and Im bringing all these different sounds and concepts into mine”!

Check out the full interview above!

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