Cantrell On New Project “So What Now”, “AdviceFromNas”, Being Independent

After the recent release of his new project “So What Now” we had the pleasure of sitting down with Atlanta rapper Cantrell to talk about the project, being an independent artist again + more!

With his new project “So What Now” not only is Cantrell asking a question but he is also writing through and expressing his pain and struggle that he has faced over the past year. Explaining to us that 2019 was a rough year for him the answer to what he was going through was to write through the pain and that led to this new project.

“I kinda had my own goliath the fight through moment, 2019 was beating me up I wasn’t writing and wasn’t creating enough. Funny enough writing through it was the way and I wanted to convey the energy of going through something and that being the way through, getting through is the way through, I wanted to embody that I wanted it to come through the music, mood, artwork, anyplace of the fabric of the body of work and I feel like we captured it. It’s been a pleasure to watch people live with it”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Cantrell on iHeartRadio below..

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