K$upreme On New Single With Future, “Flex Muzik 3”, The Cannabis Industry

K$upreme’s latest single is just a taste of what the rapper has in store for the final entry of his “Flex Muzik 3” project line. Linking up with Future for the record we got to speak with the rapper about the song, his new project, getting into the cannabis industry + More!

When it comes to his new single “It’s Whatever” featuring none other than Future he explained to us that he thinks its some of his best work and while it may be a bit different than what his fans usually expect from him they should know that they will be getting some classic K$upreme on his upcoming project.

“I Feel like it's one of my biggest records feature wise, its just a big moment for me because all my other milestones I’ve dreamed of this. My core people know what that record is its to get me out of a bubble, an industry song that I tried something different and I liked the way it sounded, my tape is more of my s—t, it’s my s—t don’t worry”

With, “Flex Muzik 3” dropping sometime before the end of 2020 K$upreme did tell us that this would be the final installment of the series as it's time to close that door and open new ones for new possibilities when it comes to his music!

Check out the full interview above and stream K$upreme on iHeartRadio below…

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