King Von Shot And Killed In Atlanta At 26 Years Old

Chicago Rapper King Von was reportedly shot and killed in Atlanta early this morning outside a nightclub in the city. The shooting reportedly led to two people being fattily shot and multiple others injured as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In the report it was also noted that two off duty police officers were working security at the club and intervened in the scuffle exchanging shots with unidentified individuals.

In a statement from the Atlanta Police Deputy Chief he addressed the officers that were engaged in the gunfire:

"That physical altercation escalated into an exchange of gunfire with those groups, Two police officers who were working at that particular club, or lounge, noticed the altercation and engaged some of the people involved. There was an exchange of gunfire with police as well."

Von just released his new album "Welcome to O'Block' last week, he was 26 years old.

We will update this article as more information is released.

Photo Getty Images

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