Jufu On His Madden Collab, Tik Tok Stardom, Designing For Puma, New Music

Social media star, recording artist, designer, photographer are all ways to describe Jufu. From a young age, the star took an interest in Vine which eventually led to his popularity on the app as well as Music.ly and now Tik Tok where he has amassed over 3.1 MILLION followers.

While social media was his first love he has grown to become one of New Yorks's latest buzzing artists with his new EP “Get Used To me” being signed to Island Records, and his Madden 2020 Collab record “Just Do IT”.

Sharing with us that the Madden collaboration came about when he recorded “Just Do It” and originally wasn’t that thrilled about the song. Only to find out not long after that the song was in contention to be featured in the upcoming Lebron James starring “Space Jam 2” or the latest Madden game. While it got picked up by Madden the collab and song certainly didn’t disappoint as he was also able to be memorialized in game with his own “Tron” inspired Jersey!

As for what’s next for the young star he shared with us that he will be dropping a new record titled “He Ain’t Like Me”.

“it’s a different sound for me and very experimental, I’m just excited for people to hear it”

Check out the full interview above and check out Jufu on iHeartRadio below.

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