Diamond Qing On Single “Run It Up”, The Uniqueness Of “Qing Trap” + More!

Harlem rapper Diamond Qing has one of the hottest records In the city right now with “Run It Up”! The song which easily cracked the top 100 records on itunes marks a new beginning for the female MC after dropping her last single in 2019 “Drop”.

Drawing inspiration from her idol Missy Elliot Diamond has created her own style called “Qing Trap” which she explained to us as a different type of female rap music.

“that’s how I define the music I make when people think of female rappers or mcs they automatically think about sex all day and I can do that because sex is great but I prefer to just rap more about something that can be related by females and guys too. I feel like if guys just switch out when im talking about men and they change it to talking about females instead it still works. So I feel like its not like a typical female rapper type of music”

Check out the full Interview above and run up her hit single below on iHeartRadio….

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