Da Baby Is Helping Voters In North Carolina Get To The Polls Today!

As we all wait anxiously wait to find out who will become our next president many artists in the culture are doing their part to help their community get to the polls. Da Baby is one of those who has partnered with the nonprofit organization #NoCap2020 on a new initiative properly titled "VOTE BABY VOTE".

All day today the rapper is helping to get people in his home state of North Carolina out to the polls and you can even used a code on Lyft “VOTEWITHDABABY” to get a free ride to the polls today!

"#CHARLOTTE MEET ME AT THE POLLS TOMORROW❗️ If you need a ride to the polls you can use my code “VOTEWITHDABABY” on the Lyft app for a free ride! Head to lyft.com/i/VOTEDABABY for terms. I’m pulling up to 10 different voting locations around the city tomorrow starting at 10am. POP UP ON ME & VOTE REAL QUICK. #VOTEBABYVOTE ✅ #BillionDollarBabyEntertainment"

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