Bebe On His New Single “Big Mad”, Dealing With His Haters + More!

Bronx rapper Bebe has been steadily making a name for himself in the NYC Hip-Hop scene with a plethora of singles which started out with “Violence”, “Chit Chat” and his most recent outing and response to everyone hating on him “Big Mad”.

After coming home this year Bebe had one goal on his mind, to make music. While at first music wasn’t always in the cards for him, going to jail and coming home made him realize he wanted to do something different with his life.

“What made me want to do music was going to jail and coming home. I would write but I would write pettiness just trying it out. When I came home I was like I gotta do something different so Im going to start rapping. I used to tell myself all the time in my cell that ima do it and I’m going to go far with it. I told my brother and my team and at first they looked at me crazy but they were like whatever you want to do you can do it”

Check out the full Interview above and check out his new single “Big Mad” below.

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