Doley Bernays On His “Lobby Tapes", Working With 03 Greedo, Maxo Kreme

Bronx rapper Doley Bernays has not let 2020 stop him at all releasing a plethora of project since the top of the year including “The Lobby Tape Side A” which features the likes of 03 Greedo & Maxo Kreme, “Made Me Worse EP”, and his “Hard Raising Black Boys” three-song pack. Speaking with us the rapper shared his plans for his Lobby tape series, how watching 03 Greedo make music inspired him to drop faster + More!

One of the biggest things that pushed Doley to pursue his career in music was his brother who tragically passed away last year. Sharing with us that he was always pushing him to take it seriously, after his passing he decided he would go full steam ahead with music in his memory.

“All he wanted me to do was drop a lot of music, so once he passed I kinda went on this thing and was like we dropping everything, and since then it's been nonstop. I was always creating and I love it, but everything else I kinda put it on the back burner because it’s a headache and he would always tell me I had all this music on a computer I might as well release it. He's always been with me in the studio and all that. He got to see my start So I’m going to finish up strong for him”

Part of what the rapper is trying to accomplish especially when it comes to the “Lobby Tapes” mixtape series is bringing back the nostalgic feeling of the mixtape era but with a modern twist.

“ I want to bring it back to “Dedication” and when French was dropping the “Mac & Cheese” series and music like that. That’s how I was kind of thinking about it, my music is very versatile so I kind of wanted to just tap into this mixtape series and make it as well known as Dedication & “Mac & Cheese”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Doley Bernays on iHeartRadio below

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