Meet Detroit's Next Generation Of Artists On "Mudd Classics Vol 1."

Mudd Classics Vol 1. Is a collaborative effort by some of Detroit's youngest talents in the game to come together to shed some light on themselves and the new class of rappers coming out of their city. Curated by A&R Slitwristshawty he enlisted the likes of underground artists Skoot Luciano, Big Ticket Juice, East Ken, LIE Wayne, Yogi Bows, Da Don, and Kane Kash for a 4 track outing that is just the beginning of what they have in store next.

“this as a whole is just to shine a light on the artists that the city of Detroit have that the world isn’t familiar with that they deserve to be familiar with. That’s just my whole goal to shine a light on the city and bring artists up!”

They also shared with us that the second installment of the series to promote the cities talent will be dropping sometime in November as well as several other collaborative efforts from everyone involved on the EP.

Check out the full interview above and listen to "Mudd Classics Vol 1" on iHeartRadio below.

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