Rucci On His New Album "Midget", Only Working With The Homies + More!

West coast rapper Rucci is fresh off the release of his new album Midget. Zooming in with us we got to speak with him about the meaning behind the project, why he only works with his homies on music + more!

The name for the sophomore project has some sentimental meaning behind it, sharing with us that the name was a nickname given to him by his mother a big influence on why he named the project this was because he feels happier than he's ever been and wanted to capture the feelings of his youth.

“They say when I came out I was so little, I was so fat and little they said I looked like a little midget and they just ran with that. When I was trying to name this album I was like I don’t know what to name it and I been really happy lately and I haven’t been this happy since I was a kid so Im like let me go back to midget, being a kid with this and still having fun”

Being joined on the album by the likes of Mozzy, Steelz, Haiti Babii, AllBlack + a few more of his friends Rucci shared that he doesn’t really like working with people on music that he doesn’t know and most of it is because of how disingenuous it seems to be.

“I've never wanted to pay for a feature and then when they expected me to do it I still didn’t and I still got the same outcome of people who pay others for features. It's you its not them and I don’t like that people think you can use that as a cheat code. Even people from my in-house label I don’t be all over their stuff because I want them to establish themselves on their own so I don’t like working with people I don’t know because I don’t feel like it’s real.”

Check out the full Interview with Rucci above and listen to "Midget" on iHeartradio below..

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