Tisakorean On Going Viral On Tik Tok, Being Called The Texas Dance Rap King

By some Tisakorean has already been proclaimed as the “Texas Dance Rap King” and he is definitely earning that name. in 2020 alone Tisakorean has 3 songs on Tik Tok that have combined amassed over 2 MILLION videos made to them. With the likes of “iPhone Update” gaining the interest of some of the apps most popular users he spoke with us about how he found out that his songs were doing astronomical numbers.

“I got a bro he a tik tok guy, he tells me that you realize these songs a year old, so in my mind we keep working. So he calls me and tells me spongy is going crazy and I understand Tik Tok is for some pop songs but I went and looked I was like oh s—t I guess I was ahead of the game”.

In regards to seeing people with millions of followers dancing to his music Tisa is nothing but humble and grateful that someone took the time to enjoy his songs.

“it was like man, its kind of funny, its one of those things your just happy that someone just mess with what you got going on, that’s the best way I can put it, its just a great feeling and I’m just like its time to keep going but it’s definitely a great feeling”

With going viral of course the pressure is normally on artists to drop a project, but with Tisa who is a perfectionist, says that it’ll come soon but there’s no date as of yet.

“This one is particularly one for everyone to enjoy, but I definitely got some stuff going on for my fans, the ones that truly mess with me, this Is one of those tapes that all around Tisa (sound wise)”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Tisakorean on iHeartRadio below..

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