Taraji P. Henson Confirms Breakup From Fiance Kelvin Hayden

Taraji P. Hensen has confirmed that her relationship with fiancé Kelvin Hayden is over.

Hensen recently appeared on "The Breakfast Club" where she talked about a number of things, and mentioned that although she hadn't formally revealed the split, her relationship with the former NFL star "didn't work out." She explained:

"I just turned 50, and I mean, I hadn't said it yet, but it didn't work out." She added, "I tried. I was, like 'Therapy, let's do the therapy thing,' but if you're both not on the same page with that then you feel like you're taking it on yourself. And that's not a fair position for anybody to play in a relationship. My happiness is not his responsibility and his happiness is not mine."

Taraji also explained, "We have to first learn how to make ourselves happy to make each other happy. When one person is taking on the weight of the entire relationship, it's never going to work."

Check out Taraji's full interview on The Breakfast Club below.

Taraji and Kelvin were first romantically linked together back in 2015, and in 2018, they got engaged. The couple was supposed walk down the aisle this spring, but had to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During an interview with Extra back in March, she explained, "It’s probably going to be more like July. We have to see what this will be like at the other end."

Hensen added over her concern about the safety of their families, "Our grandparents, my grandmother is about to turn 96, his is 86, how do we get them to the wedding now? Now, we are concerned, just trying to figure out the safest and best way."

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