Ashton Mills On "Reflections" Single, New Project, Quarantine In Canada

Ashton Mills is one of Canada’s newest and youngest buzzing singers in the game right now. Fresh off the release of his first two singles this year “Reflections” & “The Bottom” the singer shared with us what his COVID experience has been like and how his plans for his major debut had to be put on pause.

For Mills, Covid hasn’t change much his process, as someone who has a hand in all aspects of creating a record he has been able to get a lot of his music making done at home even proclaiming himself a homebody.In fact the pandemic inspired his latest single “Reflections”, in which the video is all about missing those times of real human interaction with each other.

“Everybody has been craving that social intimacy and that’s what that reflections video is, is taking these memories of when we were out like that, and you know putting them all into one because everyone is craving them, I miss going out and seeing people, so I feel like that was refreshing to put out”

Check out the full interview with Ashton above and listen to him on iHeartRadio below!

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