Joeville On Viral Success Of "Sexy" On Tik Tok, "Clrd Thoughts" Project

In the past year, Florida rapper Joeville has gone from being homeless to having one of the biggest sounds on Tik Tok! At the beginning of 2020 the rapper released his single “Sexy” which was followed by his project“CLRD Thoughts Vol 1.”, it wasn’t long before the rapper started realizing that his streams were skyrocketing, and looking to Tik Tok he noticed that some of the platforms biggest stars were dancing to his songs!

“I usually stay on top of things, and I kinda realized when it got big. You know once people started sending stuff to me and showing me these people doing dances to my stuff. Im not big on tik tok so I don’t know these people and when I go to their page they got millions of followers and that showed me. I'll go on the explorer page and see random videos to my song, those random videos that’s when I realized.” 

When it comes to project “CLRD Thoughts”, Joeville explained to us at the time of conception he was homeless but knew he needed to put music out. With the goal in mind of having people come over for “Sexy” and stay for the rest of the project he put together a solid 18 track project with standout records such as “Amber Rose”, “Reaper” & “Roses”!

Check out our full interview with Joeville above!

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