Cliff Savage On New Single "Cha Cha, The Jerk Movement, His #SavageSummer

West Coast rapper Cliff Savage has been on a hot streak lately coming off his #SavageSummer which consisted of a bunch of new music, his “Care Package” EP and his most recent latin inspired hit “Cha Cha”.

Cliff has been steadily working since the jerk movement of the early 2010s and shared with us how he has grown since then to become the artist that he is today:

“Back in the jerk days I was a kid, I was trying to figure myself out, everything would happen so fast back then like I got popular really quick, but thats a whole different style from today. Moving forward after the jerking movement I went through this phase of figuring myself out I was doing chill rap, I was working on my flow I was really figuring out my sound. I was able to find myself through dropping a ton of muisc and I got to the point where i am now which is the current Cliff Savage"

As for Savage’s new single “Cha Cha” which already taken off on Tik Tok, he explained that being in California he is constantly surrounded by Latin influence which lead to his experimentation in the genre on the new record!

Check out the full Interview above!

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