Roadrunner TB On "Mind Of The Blender", Gaming & The Cincinnati's Rap Scene

It’s been almost a year since Roadrunner TB first blasted onto the scene with his hit record “33” with Savy. Since then the Cincinnati rapper has been paving his own path for his fellow members of the Roadrunner team through music and gaming. The rappers most recent outing comes in the form of his “Mind Of A Blender” project. The 11 track album serves as a homage to his friend who passed away.

“That whole concept came from my boy who passed, his name was blender bo that’s why you see the blender with the G5 chain on, it really tells a whole bunch of stories."

Aside from the music side of his career the rapper loves gaming and has utilized that passion as a way to connect with his fans. Properly titled BlenderBoyz gaming his aim for the channel and twitch tv is to be able to connect with his fans in a totally new way.

“I always love gaming since I was a child, GTA, Call of Duty, Dragon Ball Z, I just love video games so I felt it was something I needed to do especially to interact with my fans other than music so they can get closer me and see what I like to do other than music”

Check out the full Interview above and look out for Roadrunner TB's new video for "Dictionairy" dropping tomorrow 10/8!

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