Desus & Mero Have A Bacon, Egg & Cheese Ice Cream, Talk Presidential Debate

Joining us on the Angie Martinez show today we had the number one duo in late night comedy, Desus & Mero!

The Bronx duo just dropped their brand new book “God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons from the Bronx”, New Ice Cream and are in the midst of their third season of their show on Showetime!

When sharing what they hoped the book would accomplish upon release they only wanted three simple things:

  • A Movie to be made based off the book
  • A very hard college course surround their literature
  • Someone starting a entire religion based around the teachings of the two

"The Brand" as the two refer to themselves also has an Ice Cream now! with @ODDFELLOWSNYC how cooked up some, well interesting flavors for themselves. Some of the illustrious ice cream flavors include "BaconEggNCheese", "Sweet Tea & Lemondae", "Budget Breakfast", "Bodega Counter Crunch", "Chico Stix", & "Host Of Cupcakes". Now while many might find the flavorings of these to be odd, the duo swears that they do all taste good and you should not be put off by the "BaconEggNCheese" flavor especially. In fact these flavors were so sought after that the site crashed only seconds after the ice cream went live!

Make sure you catch Desus & Mero Mondays & Thursdays At 11 PM EST on Showetime and go get their new book “God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons from the Bronx” out now!

Full Interview above.

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