Papi Yerr on Producing “Jerry Sprunger”, Being a Producer & Artist + More

Miami producer Papi Yerr is just heating up in 2020, with 4 records already on the billboard charts including the extremely popular “Jerry Sprunger”. We got to chop it up with the producer/artist about the ups and downs of producing, how he manages to handle also being an artist, and what keeps him motivated.

Having worked with the likes of T-Pain, XXXTentacion, Chris Brown and many more, Yerr has been steadily working for the past couple years. During this time he has also managed to work on his own solo career as an artist. Explaining how he balances it all he compares it to playing multiple sports in highschool.

“For me its a little different, for the general public it may be like ok he's a producer now he's rapping and singing, but for me it was always the same thing, its like in high school one season your playing football the next your playing basketball, but throughout the whole year your still training, its all one thing, for me I’ve always rapped since I was a kid, I’ve always made beats, for me its just tapping into different zones"

With his new project “Over Her” dropping this Fall Papi Yerr is definitely someone you want to be on the lookout for in 2020 and beyond!

Listen to Papi Yerr on iheartradio below..

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