Frankie P On Producing "Move Ya Hips", Earning His First Hot 100 Placement

You may have heard producer Frankie P's tag "Frankie Mothaf--kin P" on numerous A$AP records before. Now the producer has earned himself his first Hot 100 entry with Ferg's collaboration with Made in TYO & Nicki Minaj. The uptown producer who has worked with many members of the A$AP Mob, City Girls, Meek Mill + more.

While Frankie has been producing since his college days it wasn't until the early 2010s that he first linked up with A$AP Ferg before he was even making music. Explaining to us that the two first met through mutual friends and would begin recording music in Frankie's apartment which many people know now as Ferg's "Traplord" Era.

"We actually met during Traplord, at that time he wasn't even making music he was designing belts, we met through our mutual friends and didn't even talk music for months, once Rocky's situation started picking up he started taking it more serious and he would pull up to my crib and we would record everything in the house. That organically snowballed and turned into what Traplord is now. It was super organic you cant just plan it like that, thats just the universe doing what it has to do"

Check out the full Interview above!

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