DVNTE MUSICK On Single "The Right One", Bringing Nostalgia Back to Music

Returning to On The Radar Dvnte Musick called in this week to talk about his new single “The Right One” as well as trying to bring back some nostalgia with his music and his next project.

Steadily dropping singles since his last project “Theory”, Dvnte has been finding new and unique sounds that have made his last two singles “Unbreakable” & “The Right One” different but also align closely with his brand.

“This new music for me personally, is just like as before I was getting my therapy off in my music but now I kinda want to like be a place for other people to come through me and feel a certain way, we don’t have love songs anymore when was the last time we heard someone singing about love and emotions and relationships that’s why I was like we need a song like Unbreakable right now because we don’t have that all all”
With Quarantine slowing up much of the world Dvnte is focused on making sure that his next project comes out at the right time.
“So right now is the road to the bag, as far as putting out a project I feel like when I make a project I really want to lock in and work with certain producers and lock in in that way, and right now I don’t think the climate of the industryis ready for artists to just being throwing projects back to back to back, so for what I want to do is just keep giving them singles”

Catch the full Interview above and listen to DVNTE Musick on iHeartRadio below...

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