Why Kim Kardashian Is Allegedly Waiting To Divorce Kanye West

In the latest update regarding Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's marriage, it appears as if the latter has divorce on her mind.

As per Page Six, the E! reality star, 39, is readying her divorce from the rapper, 43, as his bipolar disorder and anti-abortion stance have taken a toll on their marriage. "Kim has the whole divorce planned out. but she’s waiting for him to get through his latest episode," an insider revealed to the celebrity gossip outlet.

As you know, it's been a turbulent summer for West after he shared his pro-life positioning, admitting that he and Kardashian nearly aborted their first child, North West. "I almost killed my daughter," he screamed during a July rally, adding, "No more Plan B, Plan A." Kardashian went on to mostly defend the rapper, emphasizing his mental health struggles. At the time, a source told Page Six that she wouldn't divorce West because it wasn't "a good look," but it seems as if there's not going to be proper time to do so.

Earlier this month, West brought up the topic once again in an interview with Nick Cannon, admitting that his greatest accomplishment was "still being sensitive enough to cry at the idea of aborting my daughter." Later on, he shared more alarming thoughts when he mentioned North in a message about being murdered on Twitter. "NORTHY I AM GOING TO WAR AND PUTTING MY LIFE ON THE LINE AND IF I AM MURDERED DON’T EVER LET WHITE MEDIA TELL YOU I WASNT A GOOD MAN," he wrote. "WHEN PEOPLE THREATEN TO TAKE YOU OUT OF MY LIFE JUST KNOW I LOVE YOU."

Photo: Getty Images