Kai Cash Announces New Project 7/11, Shares How He Deals With His Anxiety

Hot off the release of his latest single "No Remorse" and his debut project "Birth In The Borough" last year which featured an impressive feature from Pusha T, New York's own Kai Ca$h is gearing up for his next major release. Sitting down with us the rapper chopped it up about his new project, what life and music is like during the global pandemic and evens shared some words of wisdom about dealing with anxiety especially during these times.

During quarantine a big part of the conversations going on surround mental health and Kai is at the front of those conversations. The rapper has created a safe space for him to talk with his fans who may be struggling during these times on his "Mental Health Monday" IG live. Being an author himself of his own book about Anxiety, "Tranquil: Overcoming the Experience", Kai shared with us his own personal experience with his mental health during these times of COVID-19.

"Right now I'm in a space where I'm reading a lot more and doing things I wouldn't usually do because Im busy at times, with anxiety I have my days of course this has been a tough time but for the most part i've been able to overcome everything because Ive been tapping in to new everything with myself in all actuality, Im really learning so much more about myself, about the people around me, about life. Im really indulging into things and seeing things in a brighter perspective and I really appreciate this time because its helped me evolve and grow. The anxiety happens but I've learned and mastered to cope with it"

After releasing "No Remorse" at the height of the protests this Summer, Kai Ca$h has been locked in the studio planning his follow up to last years project. Sharing with us exclusively the details about his latest venture Kai will be releasing a project that will have 7 songs and an 11 minute mini movie to go along with it, properly titled "7/11".

"Your going to be the first to get this exclusive I'm dropping this project called 7/11, its seven songs, Im going to do a miniature movie with it, visuals for all the songs, specific features, its going to be a big moment, Ive been taking my time with this project, Im trying to figure out when to release it. All the songs have been selected I'm in the mixing process, the aesthetic is crazy, I'm going to make this a real crazy moment, your the first person to get that real exclusive scoop"

Make sure you stay on the lookout for that new project and check out Kai's full Interview above.

Listen to Kai Ca$h on iHeartRadio below..

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