Hass Irv On "No Patience" Project, Working With Dapper Dan, + More!

Harlem’s own Hass Irv has been making a name for himself the past couple years certifying that he is one of the next breakout stars to come out of Harlem. The rapper has had quite an interesting life, early on in his childhood he split his time between America and Africa. Once returning back to Harlem he found a love in sneakers and fashion grinding consistently buying and reselling sneakers till music peaked his interest and the rest was history.

Recently dropping his “No Patience” projectunder Asylum Records the rapper wanted to give listeners an look into day to day life in New York, with many of the videos for the project being filmed such as “All Day” being filmed In local locations such as The Subway, The Corner store etc.

“This was more of a run through, its called No Patience because it was less planned more of a lifestyle with “All Day” you see us on the train smoking and me and my boys were like we should shoot a video doing this.With Geronimo its just an upgraded kinda lifestyle with no patience we not waiting for things to come to us”

The Harlem native has also had the opportunity to star in Dapper Dan’s fashion campaign and being embraced by a Harlem legend for him was huge deal! When asked if Dapper Dan gave him any type of advice he said that the most important thing Dap emphasized was being proud of your African heritage.

“My biggest thing was just he always made sure we take pride in being African. Growing up it wasn’t always cool to be African, people would be calling people names, it was tough being a first generation African. I feel like when he sees us In Harlem his main thing is telling us to be prideful when it comes to being African and rock that shit like it’s the flyest s--t in the world”

Aside from Dapper Dan, Hass has also been featured in Pusha T’s “1800 Seconds” campaign and that same song he worked on with Push made it into HBO’s hit show Euphoria!

Catch Hass Irv’s full Interview above and listen to Hass on iHeartRadio below…

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