BJRNCK On Her Upcoming EP, "Real" With Boogie, "Cannon Busters" + More!

One of R&B’s rising stars BJRNCK has already been making a name for herself, her latest single “Real” ft. Boogie has already amassed well over half a million views on YouTube. While this is the first major release for BJRNCK she has been doing musicfor a long time now starting off in Church choirs and eventually putting out songs here and there on soundcloud.

“I’ve been doing music forever and I never really put out music on streaming platforms, I would do soundcloud stuff here and there, this was the first song I put out with a deal, it was a big moment for me and I got to do it with my boyfriend which was so cool because he got to be a part of that and it was just a big moment for me”

You may also recognize the Chicago born singer from her work on the popular Netflix anime “Canon Busters” in which she sings the theme song for the series.

“It was so random, these guys I worked with, they said they were working on this TV show and they never told me and we made all these songs and this was one of the songs that we did, they never really showed me what was the show they just said it was an anime and then they should me the actual intro for it which was so dope. I had never really watched anime before in my life but this was the first anime I actually watched and I liked it!”

When It comes to her upcoming EP “Love Language” and upcoming single the artist is extremely excited sharing with us that she has some major features coming up.

“I’m super excited, its about in relationships you change as different people and if your person can basically be with you through these different phases”

BJRNCK is hoping to drop it sometime before the year-ends but with the ongoing pandemic things are still up in the air for now. Make sure you’re on the lookout for that new single dropping this Friday!

Check out the full Interview above!

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