Sprado On Linking Up With NLE Choppa On "Magic", State of Chicago Rap Scene

Sprado is one of the most promising young talents coming out Chicago. The rapper who has already made a name for himself with his 2018 project "New Me" and "Magic" Featuring NLE Choppa has been able to showcase his diversity in his music.

"Magic" which dropped back in July features Sprado linking up with 2020 XXL NLE Choppa on the record which just received some visuals from the rapper.

"I actually met Choppa at a show in Chicago, he did a show with Polo G during all-star weekend, my team got in contact with him and we sent him magic and he sent the verse back and ever since then we been trying to get everything right"

While things during these times of COVID 19 can be so uncertain the two were able to link up for the video, sharing a little bit about the experience about getting together to make a movie during Corona times he expressed it was tough filming due to things being closed but overall they were able to make it happen.

"I just tried to not even think about it, I was just going with the flow, we shot the video in Cali and it was just like not everything is open and we may want to shoot right here in this spot but everything is closed, I guess not it's just a different vibe and you gotta keep the ball rolling"

If you haven't been paying attention the city of Chicago is having a MOMENT right now in Hip-Hop with so many young and amazing talents coming out of the city. When asked where he feels his music fits into the bigger picture of what's going on right now Sprado had this to say:

"Chicago is lit right now we got a lot of artists that's popping right now as far as my music mixing in with what's coming out of Chicago, I say i'm different I say you here Sprado you know he from Chicago but you hear my music you like damn he different, you hear the words the stories im telling, you wanna hear what his life is with him still being from Chicago and I think that's what my music brings"

As for what's next for the rapper he plans on continuing to drop a ton of singles and then move on to the project but he wants it to be the right concept, something that has a deeper meaning to it.

Check out the full interview above and listen to Sprado on iHeartRadio below...

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