Kay Anthony Talks "‎A.long T.he W.ay" Album, New Single "Bless Me" + More!

Fresh off the release of his new single "Bless Me" featuring Dot Demo and his new album "‎A.long T.he W.ay" which dropped earlier this year we got to chop it up with Brooklyn MC Kay Anthony about everything from music to politics to live in quarantine.

The rapper who is already gearing up to release his second project this year has been on a journey of connecting with his fans. Starting with "‎A.long T.he W.ay" he has been telling his story through records such as "Broken".

"A.long T.he W.ay was one of the projects that I just wanted to be completely honest with myself and with my audience, whoever is listening I want you to feel uncomfortable when you're listening to this project whether it be me talking about my mom or the things I seen at 8 years old, or just Broken is about me coming up but also me being homeless at one point and me pursuing this dream to make my way with music, Running is also a super honest song where I'm being honest with my audience and like talking about the things that I've been through in the 6th grade, we were living in shelters at that point and my Dad not being around, the project really is a long story about honesty and all the things I've seen"

Looking towards the future Kay has already began to plant the seeds of his upcoming project "Survivors Remorse", with this project the MC aims to talk about things that are going on in the world and that have gone on in his life that bother him to this day:

"Its just like the TV show, its a spinoff off the TV show, I never watched the show but I thought the name was so fire, and its kinda relatable to people who have survivors guilt or relate to it especially black people that grow up in certain neighborhoods and see certain things on the daily and the stuff that we see and think its normal but its not.Its one of those projects that Im kinda talking about the things I'm facing on the daily. The Game and Lil Wayne had a song and the line was like you done took so many of people why not me, and I kinda feel that sentiment sometime when I see my friends not here because of systematic racism and environmental racism, living in these projects and dealing with these things that we don't get to talk on because we're growing up in these cycles and yeah survivors remorse is about that.

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Kay Anthony on iHeartRadio below...

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