Germ On Blending Skateboarding Culture and Rap, "The Hijinx Tape", + More!

We recently got to chop it up with Atlanta’s own Germ after the release of his recent project “The Hijinx Tape”. The Atl native has been steady working for some time now collabing with the likes of $uicideboy$ on numerous joints. With his latest outing he’s bringing some major heat to quarantine with record such as “7 Hunna Horses and “Cookies”.

For Germ rapping always wasn’t in the cards for him, his original love was and will always be skateboarding. As time went on the GERM realized he had a talent for rapping and music and while he pursued his career in the game he never forgot where his true roots came from.

With so much Hip-Hop nowadays taking cues from skating culture we asked Germ how he thinks he blends together the two cultures in his own style and life:

"Really its just like its what I do before the rap, I’m just living my regular life, If I didn’t rap Id probably still be skating, skating and rapping go hand and hand and I’m my own box in both fields and I pick what I want to do when I wanna do it and that’s why I mess with skateboarding so much, skateboarding really runs the culture, everybody look like a skater now"

Check out the full Interview above!

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