My Favorite Color On Rapping About His Own Funeral, New Album "Velma"

My Favorite Colors music is as unique as his name. The California born artist just released his debut project “Velma” under the legendary Rostrum Records who have birthed the likes of Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. The project which features singles “Funeral” & “Dale” is a mixture of different sounds from the new artist who has been waiting to release this project for nearly two years!!!

One of the most interesting things about My Favorite Color is of course his name, sharing with us the story behind it he said it all comes from his mom and his friend:

"My mom and my friend presented this to me the same way, my mom told me before i had any music out she said if I start making music I have to have my own style and coming up with your own style is like seeing a color you've never seen before. Listening back to my music i would be like I never heard something like this before I ain't seen no color like this before so I'm My Favorite Color by default, plus it's a cool conversation starter"

Coming from some a strong lineage of artists over at Rostrum we asked Color if he feels any pressure being their newest artist and his response was that he is honored to become apart of the legacy.

"Its more like I'm just hella grateful to just be in the starting position they were in because just growing up I watched them become who they are and who they became and its just so amazing to be in the same position those two were and I don't really look at it as pressure but more as a gift"

On the project he also raps about his own Funeral, and even eperiences it in the music video for the song, when asked why he decided to rap about this he said:

"Man I hate to say it but because people are dying and it really jusst makes me think, I always been real into just thinking about that type of future and I think death is such an inevitable thing, I thought with everything going on now, its just something I think about like what if it happens and then the second verse is like nah this is how it would actually go"

Check out the full Interview with My Favorite Color above and listen to him on iHeartRadio Below..

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