14 Trapdoors On Buffalo Hip-Hop, Benny The Butcher Collab & "Eileen" Album

Buffalo, New York has been having a huge movement out of late with the likes of Benny The Butcher, Westide Gunn, and Conway all making a ton of noise in the game this past year. Looking to add to what the city has been doing come the 14 Trapdoors Trio. The group which is made up of WZA, BendyFace and Short Moscato have done nothing but put out music all 2020.

With the ongoing global pandemic the group has made the most of their time at home dropping their first 2020 album “Brain Aquarium”, followed up by “Croquet” last month . With their third project of the year “Eileen” on the horizon the group shared with us that quarantine has really allowed them to focus on their craft and continue to one up themselves with each project being better than the last.

Something also amazing that the group has done is for $5 you can purchase their “Croquet” album on bandcamp and all the proceeds go to Open Buffalo which is an organization that has been doing a ton of work in the city especially this past year helping those arrested during the June protests as well as those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Aside from the sheer amount of music the guys have been putting out they also have created their own style of music called “New Trap Boom Bap”, sharing a little bit about the style the group credits it to the blending of the three unique styles they all bring.

“We came with it three years ago as a dope ass name and as time went on our style is that if you want to put a name on it, it makes sense in a way, but also its not like we pigeon hole ourselves into boom bap and trap, because since we’re combining three different styles this came out of it and I think that’s 14 Trapdoors”.

Check out the full Interview above and listen to 14 Trapdoors on iHeartRadio below

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