Buck Sosa On Signing To 300 ENT, Upcoming "The Influence EP", + More!

300 Entertainment’s latest signee Buck Sosa earned himself a label deal during a global pandemic and in a time of so much uncertainty the rapper has his eyes on the prize and is ready to work now more than ever.

Releasing his debut mixtape “Hardships and Heartaches” in 2019 the Tampa Florida rapper got out all of his pain on record such as "Sit Down" detailing his estranged relationship with his mother as well as the loss of his best friend. Sharing with us that “Sit Down” was really the first record that he was able to get his pain out on it was therapeutic for him and he has been using music more and more to just share his struggle and get out what’s on his mind.

Now however Buck’s life has completely changed and sharing with us that he is moving a lot smarter nowadays that he has this record deal.

Ahead of the release of his new EP “The Influence” the Tampa rapper has released club bangers such as “City Girlz” and “2 Step”. Citing that the new project will have a ton of new sounds as well as production value that he is signed and after it drops he’’’ be working a lot more with bigger artists so don’t expect Buck Sosa to be going away any time soon!

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Buck Sosa on iHeartRadio below…

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