Rah Swish on "Woo Forever" Album, "Feel like Pop" + His Take On "Belly"

The Brooklyn drill movement continues to take over the world with its unique sound coming out of the city, Rah Swish is the latest of artists to emerge out of the borough. The Canarsie born rapper just released his new project "Woo Forever" along with a ton of visuals and even a homage to the late Pop Smoke with who he was extremely close.

Speaking with us a little bit about the project which features the likes of Curly Savv & Jay Guwapo on the "Woo Forever Remix", Rah said that you can definitely expect more New York artists to pop up on the deluxe for the album which he revealed will be dropping in a few weeks.

"ima have a few New York artists on there, even a surprise feature you may not be expecting, but you'll definitely see Rah Swish working with more artists and giving yall a couple songs".

Rah who was extremely close with Pop Smoke released a song off his album titled "Feel Like Pop". The high energy record served as his way of memorializing and paying homage to his friend.

"The inspiration behind it is just bro, the energy he brung and energy he gave I was just like let me put it in a record to relive it just for a moment"

Aside from rapping Rah has been getting more in touch with his acting skills. Recently the rapper teamed up with with Poke & Tone of the Trackmasters, who produced tracks for the original "Belly" to take on his own spin of the classic film in which he deemed "BK Belly". With fans asking for a part 2 for the short film, Rah didn't say it could be in the cards one day as he continues to explore and grow his acting career.

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Rah Swish on iheartradio below....

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