Annalise Azadian Takes Us On A Journey With Her "Six Weeks Of $even" Album

Fresh off the release of her new album "Six Weeks Of $even" we had the extremely talented Annalise Azadian join us on the show today! The project is her first full-fledged project since her "Untitled" album back in 2018.

What really makes this project so unique is that it wasn't all just released at once but each week the singer would drop a brand new joint from the album until it was completed last Friday (July 29th).

Sharing with us a little bit about the creation of the unique concept for the new project she explained that the concept all began when she was taking music on full time, quit her job and was looking for some sort of structure in life:

"I was making a calendar to get some sort of structure in my life, I quit my job, I was ready to take on music full time and instead of 5 weeks I drew 6 weeks on a calendar, which is 6 weeks of seven days, and I have this weird thing with 7s, I have it tatted, I kinda liked the sound of it and I thought it would be dope to drop it in 6 parts because it is a singles game now, so I was like I'll give myself six chances and see what happens"

The album itself is accompanied by a plethora of visuals. Releasing new 1 minute long videos every week for the song that dropped Annalise then is planning to bring them all together much as she did on the album to form a visual movie to compliment the project which is set to drop this Friday!

Make sure you check out the full Interview above and listen to Annalise Azadian on iHeartRadio below...

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