Snoop Dogg Drops His Top 10 Rappers of All Time List

A few weeks ago Snoop Dogg went on The Breakfast Club and spoke about his top rappers of all time. One of his comments of Eminem not being amongst his top 10 sparked endless debates on the internet on whether or not the Detroit MC should be in that spot. Well, Snoop took to his IG to breakdown his top 10 of all time just to make it clear to everyone.

"A lot n----z been cryin about me leaving people off my top 10 without. Even seeing my shit so here it is F. Y. I. Notice how none of my peers or m. Cs after me are on the list respect ya. Gz is what I was taught if u offended you’ll get over it I get left off a lot of top10s I’m not even on this one. drop."

What do yall think of Snoops list?

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