Badda TD On His Upcoming EP, Advice Pop Smoke Gave Him + More!

The self-proclaimed "Prince Of Flatbush" Badda TD has only been taking music seriously for a little over a year but has already been blazing a path to stardom and being one of Brooklyn's next breakout artists!

With records such as "Picture I Paint" and and "Gang Gang" doing numbers well into the millions on youtube and streaming the rapper remains humble sharing with us that doing music for him is fun and while he takes it seriously its become his creative outlet. Being 16 and putting up numbers like this one wonders how he balances the life of a regular teenager (going to school etc) and the music. Sharing with us that going to school to him is just as important as making music.

"I went to the studio every day after school, the only time I wouldn't go is if the engineer was booked, I would go every day after school and then go home from there. Music is fun for me I love it, it pleases me, its a job but I treat it as my craft first"

While he has been steady releasing singles Badda did tease that an EP is in the works and because of the Coronavirus, the timeline has actually sped up its release because he has had so much time to work on new music. Make sure you stay on the lookout for what he's got coming up next!

Check out the full interview above and listen to Badda TD on iHeartRadio below..

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