Fleego on His "Before The Storm" EP, Return Of Gangtivity + More!

Brooklyn's own Fleego has been blazing the path for other independent artists as a solo artist and being one third of the rap group "Gangtivity". The New York rapper recently dropped his "Before The Storm" EP back in April which has racked up hundreds of thousands of streams online. The story behind the album is just as unique as its contents. Speaking with the rapper Fleego shared that the concept of the album was completely different but was changed to "Before The Storm" due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

"Around the time there was a lot of stuff going on, we were locked in the crib, we didn't know what was coming, like what's next. Everyday we hearing someone dying, some friend or family dying, it was just so much going on, so I called it "Before The Storm". I was going to call it the "4 PC. Special" originally thats why I took the cover art in front of the chicken spot, and I was gonna do a sequel to that and thats what I was gonna do but I ended up leaving that idea because right now I just gotta give people this feel."

With the 5 track EP being Fleego's solo outing he also shared with us that he along with Bam Vito and Mitchleading will be getting together real soon to plot the release of the Brooklyn group's next Gangtivity release. Sharing that a lot of it is done now all thats left is polishing up the release and putting everything together to make it go nice and smooth. Nonetheless we are looking forward to the group putting out new music and seeing what all their solo outings continue to offer in the future!

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Fleego on iHeartRadio below..

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