Buju & Angie Discuss "Upside Down 2020" + Coping During Difficult Times

After releasing his new album “Upside Down 2020”, Buju Banton and Angie Martinez got together over zoom to break some bread and talk about the new project. The album which is Buju’s first new project since 2010 has been a long time coming. The rapper shared with Angie that while its been 10 years he was always focused on making the best new project he possibly could, "Its been such a long time since I made an album, because everyone knew I was in a gated community and since I got out my main focus was making a new record”.

While Buju was locked up the artist had a lot of time to think and rather look back on the experience as a negative one he shares that he looks at it with optimism. He also has picked up meditation which he does everyday now and expresses that its something everyone should learn as sometimes its important that we quiet our minds and take time to re-center ourselves.

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Buju Banton on iHeartRadio below…