Jaah SLT On New Single "Same Me", Not Sticking To One Genre

On the heels of the release of his latest singles "Same Me" and "Dottin Up", buzzing North Carolina artist Jaah SLT has been making a ton of noise with his unique sound and trippy visuals. The young rapper has also found a ton of success on Tik Tok with his song "Tuff" amassing over 300,000 videos made to the sound on the social media app.

With his latest record "Same Me" Jaah wanted to convey to his fans that even though he is signed and becoming more successful he's still the same kid that grew up on the block and he isn't changing for anybody.

"I ain't change Im still the same me, cuz everyone knows that im signed now and everything think that once you signed you sold your soul or something but I'm still Jamir, I'm still the same person"

Being featured in the likes of Rolling Stone's Breakthrough 25 and Mymixtapez calling him a trap punk beat rapper, Jaah humbly shared that all the praise is great but he's here to make music and not box himself into ant particular Genre.

This is definitely one artist out of North Carolina that you want to keep your eye one!

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Jaah SLT on iHeartRadio below..

Photo Credit: Amelia Vanderplow

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