LA Sheriff Under Fire For Saying Teen Shot 5X In The Back "CHOSE His Fate"

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva's chief of staff has been reassigned after a recent Facebook post in which he said a teen who was fatally shot five times in the back by a deputy "CHOSE his fate."

In a series of posts on his personal account, Capt. John Burcher criticized news coverage of Andres Guardado, who was killed June 18 while fleeing a pair of sheriff's deputies in the Los Angeles suburb of Gardena.

"Why so much coverage over Guardado? What about Isabella Cortes and Patricia Alotorre?" Burcher wrote. "Why does this guy, who CHOSE his destiny get so much coverage from you, but the two slain, one raped and slain, 13 year old girls get NOTHING??" Screenshots from the post showed Burcher calling one user an "idiot" and telling them to "Read the facts you moron."

"Yes... sorry, your life does not matter more than mine does, you racist (EXPLETIVE.) STFU," he commented to another user. Burcher commented that Guardado "CHOSE his fate" to another.

The sheriff's department told Fox News that Burcher has been transferred to the East Patrol Division, which oversees law enforcement activity in several cities east of Los Angeles.

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