StaySolidRocky Talks Success of "Party Girl" on Tik Tok, Lil Uzi On Remix

Quickly becoming one of the breakout stars of 2020, StaySolidRocky is catapulting to stardom ahead of the release of his new "Fallin" EP that drops tomorrow (Friday, July 16th).

Back in April of this year the young rapper dropped his new single "Party Girl", within a matter of weeks the song had literally taken over the social media app Tik Tok. The app which has become a hotspot for music these days has launched the success of many new records but Rocky's has definitely become a standout on the app as it now is currently sitting at over 11 Million videos made to the sound and is extremely close to passing the 12 million mark in the coming weeks.

While Rocky's main social media has always been Instagram at first he didn't even know how viral the song was going until someone showed him the numbers on Tik Tok and he was completely blown away. With over 11 Million videos already made to the song of course he hasn't gotten to look through all of them but the young rapper is slowly making his way and even has his own profile on the app now!

The song has become so big that it recently gained the attention of rap superstar Lil Uzi Vert, as he hopped on the remix which dropped last week! Rocky had no idea that Uzi was gonna be on the remix until his manager came over one night while he was working on his new EP and surprised him with the verse. Since then Uzi has been a HUGE supporter for the song even going as far to call it his favorite record out right now when the remix dropped last week. Since the young rapper has been on the move so much it really hasn't hit him yet that Uzi is on the song but he shared with us that once the EP is finally out and he can chill for a sec it'll all hit him at once.

With the announcement that his new EP "Fallin" will be dropping tomorrow (Friday, July 17th), Rocky shared with us some details on what we can expect from the upcoming project

"Its every single emotion, every thought, you gone have songs that gone turn you up and make you wanna dance, songs that make you want to run around and screme, songs that gone calm you down and think about your life and songs that gonna make you want to call your ex"

Make sure you stream that "Fallin" EP at midnight and check out Rocky's full Interview above!

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