Corona Spike In Suffolk County Linked To Party Where 35% Tested Positive

Long Island is seeing a rise of Coronavirus cases out east in Suffolk County. This is reportedly due to a 4th of July party gone wrong as allegedly 35% of the people who were in attendance to the event have become infected with COVID-19 due to not wearing masks or social distancing.

Governor Andrew Cuomo took to Twitter yesterday (Tuesday, July 14th) to express how quickly the virus can spread and how important it is that we must continue to wear masks and be smarter

"Here's a true story about how quickly COVID can spread. At a 4th of July party in Suffolk County, at least one person was positive. Since the party, 35% of the people who attended have tested positive for COVID. It only takes one person at one party. Wear a mask and be smart."

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone also chimed in on the matter expressing how important it is that residents abide by social distancing rules, that have been put in place to keep the curve down

“It’s an example of why it is critically important that we remain vigilant. We have to remain vigilant. We have to wear face coverings. We have to socially distance. This is not over. This fight is not done.”

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