Jayy Grams On New Project "Every Gram Counts", Baltimore Rap Scene

Jayy Grams one of Baltimore's youngest hard-hitting rappers is looking to help pave the way for his city among the resurgence of new talent coming out of the City. His latest project "Every Gram Counts" cements his place in the game as the rapper shows his diversity as well as storytelling abilities with records such as "hood tales". The rapper practices what he preaches explaining to us that all of his lyrics especially those from self-reflective lyrics on the projects come from his real personal experiences in the city and his life.

"Everybody always ask me if hood tales is a true story.... it's like a lot of s--t happens in Baltimore, each part of that story some s--t like that has happened in my life, its crazy, a lot of the songs and lyrics I'm saying is legit like just s--t I was feeling when something happened, I don't know I can't write it or write nothing about me unless it's coming from the heart"

Joining the likes of other buzzing artists out of the city such as Deetranada and Bandhunta Izzy, Jayy Grams shared his thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop in Baltimore.

"It's kinda like a popular thing to say that it's underrated now, I feel like we manifesting it, the more we talk the more it moves, cuz Im just hearing new artists everyday, artists doing numbers, new Baltimore artists people are bumping doing half a million or a million, but they saying we underrated, we going up tho, ill definitely say that"

When it comes to what the young star has in the plans for the rest of 2020 he plans to continue to drop music revealing to us that he does indeed have a collab album with Smoke DZA in the works which is set to drop sometime soon!

Check out the full interview above and listen to Jayy Grams on iHeartRadio below....

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