Cops Say Pop Smokes Killers Didn't Know Him, Found His Address Online

Pop Smoke Listening Party

Yesterday (Thursday July 9th) the LAPD confirmed to TMZ that they had arrested 5 suspects in the Murder of Pop Smoke. Los Angeles Times reporter Richard Winton then shared some addition details from the arrest and if the LAPD is sure they have the suspects who killed the young Brooklyn MC.

“We are confident we have the five individuals responsible for the killing of Bashar Jackson — Pop Smoke,” LAPD Capt. Jon Tippet said Thursday."

Then in a follow up tweet Winton shared that authorities are saying that the assailants didn't know Pop personally and that they currently believe they found the address of the house he was renting online after he accidentally posted it.

"Authorities said the assailants did not know the rapper personally, “we believe that Pop Smoke posted his location on social media and that is how they found him,” Tippet said."

We will continue to update as this story develops.

Long Live Pop Smoke💙

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