NYC Pool Party Doing On Site COVID-19 Tests Before Guest Entry

TORRID #OwnIt Pool Party At The Commune Ace Hotel Palm Springs

The newly reopened Profundo pool and lounge, is making sure only COVID-FREE guests are allowed on their premises as they require on-site testing before entry. Results come back in seven minutes, and healthy partiers can proceed to the Ravel Hotel’s outdoor deck for some safe fun in the sun.

The hotel, located at 8-08 Queens Plaza South, partnered with New Jersey-based Vestibular Diagnostics to provide private COVID-19 testing for all guests with a reservation for the pool or one of the hotel’s two other eateries with outdoor dining. Medical personnel operate five Abbott Laboratories machines that process the rapid-response tests, which were deployed during the pool’s opening weekend in what hotel owners believe is a first for the city.

“We have an empty 10,000-square-foot ballroom since large events and weddings were pushed to next year. So we turned it into a COVID testing center, like any CityMD,” co-owner and executive chef Seth Levine told The Post.

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