Governor Cuomo Speaks On NY Schools Reopening Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo has spoken about the school reopening plan for New York State during an interview with Chuck Todd on the 'Meet The Press' TV show. He says that while the state is fully prepared to reopen schools this Fall, if things continue the way they're going right not, kids could be home for a "very long time."


"We're preparing to open schools, we have plans to open schools. But look Chuck I'll be honest with you it's two months away, anything can happen in two months. You look back two months and you see how many things have changed. I wanna see what they infection rate is and what the disease is doing before we pull the trigger and make the decision...I mean this is complicated. Let's get the facts and we'll make the decision when we have to but we're prepared. But if this continues across the country you're right Chuck kids are gonna be home for a long time."

Skip to 5:52 to hear Governor Cuomo discuss school plans.

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