Drewboy On Creating A New Style Of Rap With "Traphouse Bounce"

Skyrocketing to stardom in 2019 after a series of freestyles on his IG went viral attracting attention from the likes of Meek Mill, Rick Ross, PNB Rock + more, Philly rapper Drewboy is looking to pave the way with his latest single that also serves as an introduction to a new style of rap that he is spearheading!

Talking a bit about the new record and style he expressed that he's all about having fun with the music and wanting people to just dance and put on his music to brighten up their day.

"It's more so like its still a hood feel but with a fun feeling, it's still that but it gives you more of a, it makes you dance to it, I like making music that you can dance to that will change your day"

With that being said after having a crazy 2019, performing at Made In America, and gaining a ton of love from his city and across the country he is now gearing up to release his new "Personality" mixtape on July 31st!

While he didn't speak too much on the tape the rapper did say that the tape is 100& going to make you want to get up and dance, so you better be ready:

"if you don't want to sweat or feel like dancing and turning up you might as well not turn it on because it's going to get you out your seat and you can expect fun vibes and you can tell by the music that I'm having fun with it"

Check out the full interview above and listen to Drewboy on iHeartRadio below....

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