What Happened To Pop Smoke's Murder Investigation?

It's been four months since we lost Pop Smoke 🕊 Where does LAPD's murder investigation stand?

Sadly Pop's murder remains unsolved and his killer is still free, with the coronavirus pandemic having hindered the progress of the investigation.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that response to COVID-19 and related issues has been LAPD's top priority the past few months, so there was less time and resources available to focus on the murder investigation.

Detectives who are still able to investigate, say they try to go out and safely speak face-to-face with people in an attempt to gather evidence but that's been a challenge in this case. Cops have allegedly ran into in witness issues in the case, as people were either refusing to talk about Pop's death or not providing unreliable info.

Pop Smoke was gunned down in February at a house he was renting out in Los Angeles. According to reports, it appears the murder was a target hit and not an armed robbery gone wrong.

Law enforcement's still puzzled over the motive and have no suspects.

Photo: Getty

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