Big Havi On New EP "No Pen, No Pad, Just Pain", Lil Baby Collab + More!

Big Havi is one of Atlanta's newest stars! The rapper this year has already released two projects "Personal Problems" and "No Pen, No Pad, Just Pain". While some may listen to these projects at face value as some really got turn up the music, as the titles of both imply there is more to these projects. On these albums, Havi is doing a lot of self-reflecting, on records such as "9 Times Out Of 10" and "Testimony" he speaks on losing friends, his grandmother's passing, and dealing with family issues.

Explaining that these projects serve as a way for him to really get his pain out if you listen to "No Pen, No Pad, Just Pain", you find that the story he tells is one of being out of it especially after his Grandmother passed away but now he's back and better than ever which is expressed on the record "Back In My Ways"

Records such as "9 Times Out Of 10" even gained the attention of Atlanta superstar Lil Baby. Telling the story of how Baby got on the remix to the song Havi explained it was all thanks to some people on Baby's team who were fans of the song and played it for baby.

"All his partners the whole 4PF team knew my song before he got on it. One of Lil Babies boys even said his girl be listening to it. Me and Lil Baby our Birthdays are a couple days apart we was just able to tap in and relate and I showed him one of my bros who was locked up with him and that just made our bond a little easier in the studio. But in ended like real personable like I text his turn when his album dropped and he texted me 5 minutes later, the fact that he had a busy day and texted my phone minutes later that something ill never forget, salute Lil Baby that's still one of my favorite artists just because of how genuine he is."

Check out the full Interview above and listen to iHeartRadio below...

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