Walmart Is Selling Knockoff Lil baby 4PF Chains For $25, Lil Baby Responds

Lil Baby and Walmart may have beef now.

The Atlanta rappers "4PF" styled chain popped up on the stores website this past week and while a normal chain of course would cost quite a bit of money Walmart was selling this knockoff for a mere twenty five dollars. The chain which is described on the site as "Hip-hop celebrity style fashion silver plated Lil Baby 4PF Pendant." is for the most part exactly the same chain Baby and his crew wears, minus the diamonds of course.

At some point yesterday this was apparently brought to Baby's attention as he tweeted out "Walmart got me f----d up". While the rapper hasn't said anything about taking legal action (yet), we're sure that the listing prob won't be up for much longer.

Check out the chain below..

Photo Getty Images.

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