Mod Da God On New Project "My World In Your Hands", Collab W/ Queen Naija

Last month New York rapper Mod Da God dropped his New tape "My World In Your Hands". With this tape, Mod's goal was to bring people into his world with a variety of songs that have been recorded over the past year or so, all having their own unique sound that really shows and details everything the young MC has gone through.

"I haven't put out a project in a while, so it was just me recording over this whole period of time and during that period of time I've gone through so many ups and downs and on certain songs if your listening to the project Im speaking from totally different perspectives, like how are you here this song and then here this song and its really just the up and downs of life and like where im at so like the songs are just all from different periods over the last 8 months"

Another part of what makes this project so special for Mod is that he really wanted to paint a picture for his fan base and bring them into his word explaining that is the whole concept for the project adding on that he hopes others will share it and share his story:

"The reason I even named it "My World In Your Hands" is because I wanted to create a picture, a vision of my world, and put it out into the world for people to spread".

While he hasn't released his official "Album" yet the rapper has built up a SOLID discography and following creating his own content on youtube to compliment his music. The rapper also recently linked up with fellow YouTuber and artist Queen Naija on her latest record "More Love".

Before checking out with us Mod gave a message to his fans and everyone at home who may be struggling during these times:

"First of all shoutout Mod Malitia, don't let the times deter you from what you're really after this is just temporary, stay focused on what's important and on your dreams, put your dreams first because thats what's going to make you happy in the end, stay healthy stay safe and beat the odds every time they say you can't do it, DO IT!"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Mod Da God on iHeart Radio below

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